Hillary Clinton to guest-edit December issue of Teen Vogue magazine

Tributes to daughter Chelsea, a letter to her teenage self and a salute to young female activists to feature in Clinton-themed issue

Hillary Clinton will guest-edit one of the last print editions of Teen Vogue, the magazine has announced.

On the anniversary of her election loss to Donald Trump, Clinton announced she would edit the Volume IV issue of Teen Vogue, which will include pieces about her childhood best friend, Betsy Ebeling, and her daughter, Chelsea.

The special Clinton-themed issue of Teen Vogue, due to appear on newsstands in the US on 5 December, will publish a letter from the former presidential candidate to her teenage self, and feature a montage of images representing different stages of her life on the cover.

Clinton has added her latest book, What Happened, to the Teen Vogue book club reading list as part of her guest editorship.

Teen Vogue (@TeenVogue)

Today, we’re announcing a very special issue of Teen Vogue, guest-edited by @HillaryClinton the first-ever female Presidential candidate nominated by a major party, a woman who sits at the center of a historic paradigm shift. pic.twitter.com/uC1f5asL4w

November 8, 2017

As part of a joint statement with Teen Vogues editor, Elaine Welteroth, Clinton wrote: I love seeing articles about the search for the perfect makeup remover next to essays about running for office Teen girls are a powerful force for good in the world, and its refreshing to see that reflected in these pages.

Have you ever noticed that whenever a teenage girl takes a stand on an important issue, people seem surprised? she continued. Thats true even in 2017 a year that has seen young women turning out in force at the Womens Marches, smashing expectations in sports and STEM, demanding diversity in books and movies, rallying to protect affordable health care and planned parenthood, even holding a quinceaera on the steps of the Texas Capitol to protest attacks on immigrants rights.

Girls are raising awareness about child marriage in Yemen and sex trafficking in Cambodia; speaking out for environmental justice in Flint, Michigan, and equality in Raleigh, North Carolina, and so much more.

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