Australian rugby taking ‘enormous steps’ into the future

(CNN)On and off the field, Australian rugby is breaking new ground. Shortly afterward, Australia’s male and female sevens players were granted pay parity on what was declared a “great day for women’s sport.” Eye on […]

Adam Rippon’s devastating diet, and why the Olympian is speaking out about body image

Olympian Adam Rippon wants to start a conversation.Image: AFP/Getty Images Olympian Adam Rippon has spoken candidly about his starvation diet for the same reason he publicly came out: to start a conversation. The U.S. figure […]

Georgia Tech student group helping train college students with firearms to fight back

Phillip Yamin and Rob Montgomery have gotten special training from the Georgia Tech PD using the agency’s threat simulator.  (FOX5) Last year, Georgia’s governor signed a law allowing people with permits to carry concealed handguns […]

Ban The United States From The Olympics

At a press briefing last week with International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams, there was stern talk about a country of cheaters so shot through with a gold-at-all-costs mentality that they countenanced the systematic exploitation […]

Chloe Kim’s cool, but her dad may be even cooler

(CNN)By now we all know Chloe Kim; teenage snowboarding wunderkind, ice cream enthusiast, A+ tweeter and now, Olympic gold medalist. However, her tremendous win in the women’s halfpipe competition on Tuesday put another American hero […]

Billionaires and Athletes Freeze as Winter Smacks Olympics

It ain’t the Game of Thrones, but these Pyeongchang. Ma recalled the frigid night twice more during the event where he spoke about the company’s cloud services and preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. […]