Prince Harry interviews Barack Obama for Today programme guest slot

Teaser released by Kensington Palace for show on 27 December shows prince and former president joking together If youre set to guest edit a nations flagship morning radio show, it probably helps to have the […] keeps track of meetings to see who’s being heard and who’s being ignored

The team behind (Left to right: Rumman Chowdhury, Roya Ramenzani, Lori Mackenzie, Natalia Margolis)Image: bbc 100 Women When men and women collaborate to solve a problem—say, in a meeting—women speak at least 25 percent […]

Wheelchairs on grass, you cannot be serious! – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images You can be excused for thinking Wimbledon is nearing its nail-biting end with the finals in sight, but in reality, it’s only just getting started. The world’s best wheelchair tennis players […]