This footballer celebrated a goal with a dab, and an adorable ballboy copied him

A Scottish soccer player was so pleased when he scored a goal that there was only one thing for it: dabbing with joy  SEE ALSO: Footballer reacts perfectly after cup of beer is thrown at […]

Your least favorite new country song is ‘Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take A Knee)’

A country singer whose name no one needs to know has released a song about the NFL #TakeAKnee protests. It’s called “Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take a Knee).”  SEE ALSO: #TakeAKnee protests […]

U.S. Olympic snowboarding team’s new uniforms are perfect for space nerds

Image: mashable composite: burton snowboards If you love snowboarding and you’re a space nerd the 2018 Winter Olympics are for you. Burton Snowboards released the official U.S. snowboard team uniforms for the upcoming  Winter Olympics in […]

Pro surfer Mick Fanning spent his day off wakesurfing and tubing on a crocodile

Even pros need a day off here and there.  Australian pro surfers Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson joined fellow Aussie wakeboarding star Cory Teunissen on his brand-new boat for a cheeky wakesurf and wakeboarding session. […]

This soccer player was definitely, definitely given the wrong shirt number

Meet Yado Mambo, of Ebbsfleet United.Image: TGSPhoto/REX/Shutterstock/mashable composite It’s not often that a football player’s surname and number will present the perfect pun opportunity — but when that opportunity does present itself, it’s important to […]

Swedish soccer players qualify for World Cup, totally demolish live TV set

Sweden players celebrates Sweden v Italy, at the World Cup Qualifiers on Nov. 13.Image: marco iacobucci/IPA/REX/Shutterstock For the first time in 60 years, Italy has failed to qualify for the World Cup. Sweden did, though. […]

Reporter gets a badly-timed text message while showing his phone on live TV

Sometimes the thought of sabotaging your friend’s live TV appearance proves too difficult to resist. Ted Kravitz, a pit lane reporter for Sky Sports’ Formula 1 coverage, was at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday.  […]

These 7 memes perfectly summed up dating life in 2017

Dating in these dark and confusing times can be downright painful, but thank goodness we have memes to help us make sense of it all.  Whether you’re in a relationship, single, or not even sure, […]

A Scottish Butchers paid tribute to Andy Murray’s new baby in sausage form

Such a proud fatherImage: BPI/REX/Shutterstock Some artists work in watercolours, some in clay, others in sausage meat. SEE ALSO: Roger Federer wore a kilt to a tennis match and it’s cooler than you’ll ever be […]

Astros fans work together to return a dropped hat to its owner

A massive group of Astros fans pulled off an impressive show of teamwork on Friday when they launched a coordinated effort to return a lost hat to its owner.  Per UPI, it all went down […]