Android Oreo Go is an operating system for really cheap phones

Image: google Google wants to make sure everyone can access Android, even those who can’t afford fancy phones.  The company announced today that Android Oreo (Go Edition) will be launching alongside Android 8.1. The new […]

Apple TV 4K review: Better where it counts, but still too much money

Image: karissa Bell/Mashable Apple products are designed so that the newest one is almost always the best one. It doesn’t always work out that way, of course, but the Apple TV 4K is not one […]

Bose’s new QC 35 II headphones come with Google Assistant

Bose QC35 IIImage: Bose Bose’s new premium, noise-cancelling headphones, QC35 II, come with Google Assistant support, the company announced Thursday.  The news is not exactly new, as these new cans leaked all over the internet […]

This tiny electric skateboard fits right inside your backpack

Electric skateboards, like Boosted Boards, are all the rage these days for getting around and social influencers like Casey Neistat make riding them look incredibly cool. But size and price remain top reasons why people […]