JFK’s assassination aided by his bad back, records show

(CNN)Every November, America remembers the end of Camelot: a shining time of promise led by John F. Kennedy, our nation’s youngest president, brought to an abrupt and bloody end by Lee Harvey Oswald’s second shot, […]

Spit test may diagnose, predict duration of concussion in kids

(CNN)A saliva test may someday be able to diagnose a concussion and predict how long symptoms last, according to a study published Monday in the JAMA Pediatrics. In their study, Penn State College of Medicine […]

It wasn’t spinach that caused man’s ‘Popeye’ arm

(CNN)Before Batman, Superman and Captain America, there was another superhero with massive muscles who every little boy aspired to be. But, as one elderly man recently found out, bulging biceps don’t always mean super strength. […]

This fitness tracker doeseverything your Fitbit does at half the price

It does way more than your Fitbit.Image: milestone sports Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Wearable fitness trackers and their companion apps have revolutionized […]

Now in the Olympics, climbing bounds above more earthly sports

Edinburgh (CNN)Athletes typically push themselves beyond barriers and past personal limits. And for competitive climbers, the force they defy is Earth’s gravity itself. Climbing is an evolutionary holdover. As our ancestors learned, if the animal […]

Scientists replace skin of ‘butterfly child’ with rare genetic disease

(CNN)For the first time, doctors were able to treat a child who had a life-threatening rare genetic skin disease through a transplant of skin grown using genetically modified stem cells. See the latest news and […]

Aaron Hernandez suffered from worst CTE seen in someone his age

(CNN)For the first time since announcing former NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s CTE diagnosis in September, Boston University neuropathologist Dr. Ann McKee shared the findings from Hernandez’s brain autopsy on Thursday. “This is the first case […]

Equipping more kids for on-the-field success

Silver Spring, Maryland (CNN)Like many children, Max Levitt grew up loving sports. In college, Levitt promptly chose Sports Management as his major. He started his first internship as the equipment manager for the college football […]

Beware these Halloween safety ghouls

(CNN)Halloween is usually full of fun and adventure — and candy — making it a favorite holiday for many. But Coopersays that when she was growing up in Mount Shasta, California, her parents had a […]

Kids under 9 spend more than 2 hours a day on screens, report shows

(CNN)The amount of time young children in the United States spend with mobile screens might raise some eyebrows, as a new report found it has tripled in just four years. The report, released Thursday, also […]