The World’s Top-Selling Video Game Has a Cheating Problem

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is going after the cheaters and hackers that infest top-selling game to China. Ahead of its official debut this year, the biggest gaming company on the planet has enlisted Chinese police to root […]

Anti-Trump protesters risk 60 years in jail. Is dissent a crime? | Yael Bromberg and Eirik Cheverud

Over 200 people who were arrested on Trumps inauguration day risk up to 60 years of jail. Meanwhile, the white supremacists in Charlottesville walk free On the morning of President Trumps Inauguration, police trapped and […]

AT&T, U.S. Prepare to Battle in Court Over Time Warner Merger

A defiant Randall Stephenson told antitrust enforcers that Time Warner Inc. The lawsuit “stretches the very idea of antitrust law beyond the breaking point,” Stephenson, AT&T’s chief executive officer, said at a briefing Monday. He left […]

Not the real deal: EU court rejects claim that bridge is a sport

English Bridge Union loses long-running legal fight as judges rule a sport must involve a not negligible physical element It has been the subject of many a heated bar room argument, often among those gathered […]

When Does the Weekend Start? In Beirut, Its a Serious Question

There’s an argument in Beirut about when to start the weekend. What might seem a relatively trivial matter for a country whose economy has been hammered by the war next door in Syria is anything but, […]

The Latest on Catalonia’s Independence Referendum

Barcelona, Spain (AP) — The Latest on Catalonia's referendum Sunday on breaking away from Spain (all times local): 12:40 a.m. A Catalan official says preliminary results show 90 percent in favor of independence in the […]

Here Are the Biggest Cases Coming Up at the Supreme Court This Term

Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first full term on the U.S. Supreme Court promises to show just how much was at stake with his appointment. The term that opens Monday is full of ideologically divisive cases that […]

NFL Players and Owners Push Back Against Trump Comments

Robert Kraft, chairman and chief executive officer of the NFL champion New England Patriots, said he was "deeply disappointed” by Trump’s comments Friday

President Donald Trump accelerated his criticism of the National Football League on Sunday by saying fans should consider not going to games, sparking strong objections from players and owners including a longtime friend and contributor. […]