Disney just bought everything from ‘The Simpsons’ to ‘X-Men’

Rupert Murdoch… er… Mr. Burns with the Simpsons, who are now Disney property.Image: FOX via Getty Images It’s an arms race, and every media company is involved. Disney announced its much-anticipated acquisition of a big […]

WTF is going on with these media layoffs today?

Media companies are going to have to tighten those belt buckles.Image: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for BuzzFeed The grim reaper has come to take what’s his from the media industry. On Wednesday, BuzzFeed and ESPN both […]

Time magazine will soon be owned by Meredith — with the help of Koch brothers

Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock Meredith Corporation is buying Time Inc for $2.8bn (£2.1bn)—and it has some controversial financial backers: the conservative billionaire Koch brothers. SEE ALSO: Trump’s ‘Time’ tweet got better with every internet spoof Meredith, which […]

The cheapest internet TV service yet is here, but it’s missing one big thing

Big cable bundles require people who don’t want to watch sports to shell out big bucks for channels they never watch. That’s always been one of the big critiques of cable bundles. Non-sports fans basically […]

Disney could be using a big acquisition to take aim at Netflix

Image: joe raedle/Getty Images The media industry collectively gasped on Monday after CNBC reported that Disney has been in acquisition talks to acquire a large chunk of 21st Century Fox. There’s no deal yet, and […]

ESPN suspends Jemele Hill for tweeting about NFL advertiser boycott

Image: Getty Images for Advertising Week New York ESPN has suspended anchor Jemele Hill after she tweeted that the most effective way to hurt NFL owners would be for people to boycott certain advertisers. The […]

Why understanding the political influence of social media extends beyond Russia

Image: Getty Images/Ikon Images Almost a year after the election, we are just beginning to wrap our heads around the role of social media in American politics. Last week, Facebook turned over 3,000 Russia-linked ads […]

Master the art of social media marketing without going back to school

Image: pexels Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Maybe you’re thinking about going into the PR industry. Or maybe you just want to pick […]

ESPN is suddenly the frontline of America’s politico-culture war

Jemele Hill (L) and Michael SmithImage: Getty Images for BET Sports have always been political—but ESPN hasn’t. That tension, which has existed quietly for years at the sports-media giant, has turned into an outright controversy […]

You won’t have to pay for sports anymore thanks to a new internet TV bundle

Image: tom pennington/Getty Images For decades, TV consumers have had to pay a premium for sports whether they want to or not. A new bundle could end all that. A group of cable companies are […]