Cable TVs Password-Sharing Crackdown Is Coming

On Twitter, they are openly bartered, donated, even celebrated. “Anyone have a Spectrum user ID & password I can trade for?” one Twitter user Charter Communications Inc., which sells cable TV under the Spectrum name, […]

Sportscaster Hill Suspended by ESPN After NFL Boycott Call

Sportscaster Jemele Hill, reprimanded last month by ESPN for racially charged remarks about President Donald Trump, was suspended by the network after calling on fans to boycott sponsors of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. The sports […]

Soccer Gets Even More Political in Spain

In normal circumstances, it would be a routine soccer match for Spain. But the standoff between Catalonia and the government in Madrid has turned the national team's World Cup qualifier against Albania on Friday evening […]

House Russia Probe Targets Google’s YouTube and Gmail

As part of a wide-ranging investigation into how Russian-linked operatives harnessed social media during the 2016 U.S. election, lawmakers are homing in on Google services including YouTube and Gmail. The Senate has called Alphabet Inc.’s […]

Ban Kneeling Pro Athletes, Trump Repeats After Curry Slam

President Donald Trump, a one-time football team owner, is ratcheting up his rhetoric against professional sports and some of their stars — and at least one league and some athletes are giving it back to […]